I have a real bone to pick with the internet board of directors.

And fellow bloggers out there.

And you food-crazy recipe hounds.

Within our first year or so of marriage, I had a pretty good idea of what foods constituted C and I's culinary happy place.  It was a short list.  And cheap, which was awesome, since I was doing most of my grocery shopping in the banged-up-can aisle and the bakery seconds rack.  Along with being short and cheap, I dare say that cooking from this list would make any sane person happy.  Unless you're one of those health-conscious eaters.  Then it's not for you.  Neither are hot wings or beer bread or empanadas or anything else good and perfect in this world.

More for me, then.

So on our list were approximately seven things:

  • tortilla chips
  • salsa (or on rarer, more sophisticated occasions, salsa ingredients)
  • jalepenos (already included in the above if this day is a sophisticated day)
  • bread
  • red kidney beans (or some other canned legume)
  • eggs
  • cheese

You can probably already see some of our potential meals.  Monday night: Nachos with beans.  Tuesday night: Fried eggs.  Wednesday night:  Poor-man's juevos rancheros.  Thursday night: Grilled cheese and jalepeno sandwiches.  Friday night: Chili (beans, jalepenos, salsa) with cheese and tortilla chip garnish.  Saturday night: Cheese crisps (pan fried piles of cheddar with a jalepeno coin in the middle - DIVINE) and toast with salsa/bean puree, topped with a poached egg.  Sunday:  Juevos, again, because it's good and it's been since Wednesday.

Yeah, I dressed up some of our dishes.  Mostly I just wanted you to get the full picture, which is that C and I could go a full week on these ingredients and still want more.  And you should really try the cheese crisps.

Which brings me back to my original point.  I have searched around and around, and I cannot find a food blog that is egg-centric.  How has the internet done me wrong on this??  I thought for sure that I'd find, like, a gazillion blogs with cheesy names like For My Eggs-wife or Oeuf-Ta!!, which is what I'd name an egg-blog if I started one.  WHICH I MIGHT BECAUSE NO ONE ELSE IS DOING IT.

Where.  Are.  The  blogs.

One exception to my rant was a scrambled egg site, but I don't really count this, because if you don't like the ooey-gooey, popping-a-water-balloon kind of egg yolk, you don't really like eggs.  If you do like these perfect little fatty, yellow-orange spheres of flavor, then you get my point.  A good fried or poached egg can go on anything.  Salad?  Yup.  Sandwich?  Everyone knows it.   Soup?  Drop it in and give it a stir!  Rice and beans?  Protein pack it!  Spaghetti?  Have you heard of carbonara??

Italians love the egg.  The Swedes eat 'em raw.  The French followed that Eve of chickens around until that first oeuf fell out the bottom, and never stopped chasing her for more.  Indonesians make nasi gorong.  Japanese wrap nori around it.  How could there not be a blog?

If you're not yet as freakishly passionate as I am about the high stature of this elementary ingredient, go ahead and start throwing it into places it doesn't belong.  I'm speaking strictly of food dishes here, not medicine cabinets and the foot of your sisters bed (under the covers), though that sounds like a blast, too.  Throw it on a pizza at the last second and give it a minute to broil.  Stir it into a chicken noodle soup or fry one up and slide it onto your cold spinach salad.

Go on.  Slide your knife through that golden center.  Spear a cluster of green leaves, let the buttery yolk drip off the teeth of your fork ... and know the truth.

Then find me an egg blog.


  1. Your shopping list and my shopping list are practically twins! I KNEW we'd find a similarity between us eventually. Phew.

  2. Other than our dance moves and love of donuts, you mean.

  3. Maybe we don't need an egg blog. Because we already do all kinds of crazy things with eggs. [I can confidently say 'we' because I've eaten eggs with almost everything.] Who needs recipes when you already know that adding eggs to anything or anything to eggs[food dishes of course...:)]will only make it better?

  4. Good point, friend. Maybe rather than focusing on food items, there could be an egg-drink site. "Eggnog, Etcetera", perhaps?

  5. How about 100 plus ways too cook an egg?


    1. Jessa, I knew you'd pull through! I will be cracking like crazy!! ...eggs, that is. Thanks for your fact digging!


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