Someone Get Me A Paper Bag to Breathe Into

Our cabin has a moose theme.  There are so many eyes on our furnishings that sometimes I feel like I'm being watched.

We have moose lamps, both electric

 and oil.

We have moose in our drapes.

and on our walls.

We have moose that tell us how warm (or terrifyingly cold) it is, both inside 

and outside.

We have moose things sitting on other moose things.

We have moose holding our keys

and ready to hold our drinks.

These moose are walking all over our walls.  I counted 12, but I'm sure there are more hidden in drawers and behind cupboards.  

We can consult an old moose calendar if we need to.

We even have some real moose.  These do not live in the house.

I think that with all of this moose-mania, the obvious next step is to get this.

I'm thinking a full-back portrait, with the antlers creeping up my neck. 

Also, I'd like the moose tattoo to have its own tiny moose tattoo. 

Layer upon layer of awesome. 


Another thing - and this is totally off topic - what are some good ideas for an adult Easter basket?  


  1. I know we're just tenants, but maybe its time for us to start thinking about taking down that 2007 calendar.

  2. wow, that is a lot of moose. oh my goodness. I think the coaster wins creepiest moose award with the one eye watching you thing going.

  3. Adult Easter basket: chocolate moose.

  4. I hope that you're aware that whoever decorated your place has impeccable taste. You simply cannot go wrong with wildlife in decorating. I don't suppose those curtains are for sale? Those are sweeeeEET! Someday my bar will look just like that, god willing.
    Easter basket. 2 words. Nerds bumpy jellybeans. Massive amounts.

  5. Very cute, Pete. Ironically, moose poop looks remarkably similar to chocolate eggs. Perhaps I could use those.

  6. Greg, I know that Renee has a friend with a blow up mounted moose. Is that you? I'm sure I could find you some moose curtains oh, I don't know, somewhere (anywhere) up here. Also, thanks for the jellybean suggestion. Renee also thanks you. Also, also: "Nerds bumpy jellybeans" = 3 words.

  7. M... That's it! That's what we will do for our reunion. You went with me to get my nose pierced, I'll go with you to get that fantastic tattoo. Ok? Ok!

  8. Amy, this could be a Team Maine bonding exercise. What do you think?

  9. M, yes, Marvin is Greg's inflatable moose. I was going to call him out on the 3 words vs 2, but you beat me to it. Anything made of sugar without being chocolate or faux marshmallow is an excellent choice for any Easter bakset. If I've misinterpreted and you're going for the "Adult" Easter basket, I don't think I should post my suggestions here...

  10. Obviously, you are the gutter sister. As in, your mind is in the gutter. I'm thinking of buying out the Peeps at Walgreens, and starting a diorama contest on Sunday - you in?

  11. Moose curtains could really be the final touch that pulls everything together. Heather would have one of three reactions.
    1. Denial. Turn around, leave the room, and close the door behind her, covering her eyes saying 'LALALALALALALALA'
    2. Horror. Blank, slack jawed expression, realizing what it really meant when she said I could decorate the basement.
    3. Resignation, as in, 'I live with a juvenile. Please everyone share my pain.'
    They're perfect.

  12. Gutter shmutter, I have plenty of suggestions. Just saying. Absolutely on the diorama. There are some new and spectacular ones this year. We'll need a theme.

  13. Greg, I think a combination of #2 and #3 is likely, but perhaps just because that's how I'd react. Renee - you can be in charge of theme.

  14. Team Maine MATCHING tattoos? Yes, yes, and yes!


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