And The Winner Is...

I have a whole new appreciation for the effort that goes into a major Peep diorama contest.  This past Sunday, we undertook the challenge of constructing an artistic masterpiece from sugared bunnies and chicks, a candy treasure chest, and leftovers from Easter dinner.  And it was HARD.  Each team had 40 minutes and was instructed to use all available resources to create something that would successfully transport us - the viewers – to another place.  Well, let me tell you, if you’re looking to reenact the battle of Gettysburg with sugar and you only have 40 minutes, you might as well try to ride your bicycle to the moon.  It ain’t gonna happen.

However, we did emerge from the mist with some wonderfully inspired designs and plenty of applause.  Our show may not compare with the Washington Post event, but I’ll bet a hundred bucks that it was the best show in ten square miles, which is good enough for me.

Here are some photos from our contest.  I took out the shots of people getting maimed at the candy table in case there are children reading this.  We only bought two containers of frosting, and they were in extremely high demand.  There would have been more bloodshed if the contestants hadn’t been too hopped up on sugar to focus for more than three seconds.

The Bounty.

Some Peeps go on Hawaiian getaways and to air shows.

Ours have Olympics.

 My favorite dioramas were made to mimic movie scenes.  The first was a compilation from the recent Pirates of the Caribbean films.

It was like Davey Jones was right there in the room with us.

Also, Jack Sparrow and Will Turner made an appearance.  Two words: broccoli trees.

It's not the best shot, but look at Indy run from the apple boulder!!  This Indiana Jones themed model was done by a 7 year old and his dad, and was my official favorite.  Here are Indy and Marion tied to the post as the Germans open up the ark of the covenant gummy worms. 

So next year, plan ahead and ask your friends and family to get their hands dirty.  It’s best if you don’t actually offer them a choice in participating, though.  Just show up with a stopwatch and start counting down with Bruce Springsteen’s Born to Run playing in the background.  Their hearts will start pulsing before you even utter the word, “Go”, and you’ll need an army to stop them at the buzzer.  Unless you run out of frosting, that is.  Then the army will be there for you.

Good luck, friends. Now, go out and gather some discounted supplies for next year.  

Shop carefully.  Shop well.

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  1. Those are fantastic!!! I would have love the action shot of who gets the last bit of frosting...ha ha ha!!


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