Grab Your Fork, a Roll of Antacids, and a Towel - It's Game Time

Easter dinner has always been good to me.  An avid diner, I will generally suck down holiday foods like a Dirt Devil. But today, I’m compiling my all-time, best-in-show, first-class, blue ribbon, dream-weaver Easter dinner.  Strap on your seatbelts and be prepared to get hungry.  They might never appear on a menu together, but these are my all-stars.

Honey Baked Ham
O.M.G.  I had this at my sister-in-law’s Christmas party a few years back, and ham has never been the same.  I think it had a maple brown sugar glaze, and I’m telling you, I could’ve snacked on that crispy skin for days. 

Julia Child’s French Onion Soup
Do not skip the cognac.

Emeril’s Creamed Spinach
I’ve made this one, and if you like spinach and love butter and dairy fat, you will adore this recipe.  It’s aromatic and salty and is made with heavy cream.  That’s how you know it’s done right.

Mom’s Salsa
This might seem like an odd piece of the pie, but one of my mother’s biggest contributions to the world will be her salsa.  I write this with no sarcasm whatsoever, because I know that she has contributed to so many lives and so many causes.  But to be fair, her salsa is unbelievable.  I’m pretty sure that she swayed my then-boyfriend to take the marriage leap if only to secure lifetime access to that salsa.  This is on the table at every meal, even breakfast, and we get a gallon for Christmas each year.  It only lasts a week.

Romano’s Macaroni Grill’s Rosemary Bread
It oozes rosemary, which if you’re like me, is one of your favorite herbs.  They just keep bringing these perfectly hot loaves to your table, and I have never been able to say no.  I would slip them into my pants and down my sleeves if they weren’t quite so big.  Bottom line: keep eating them.

Coldstone Birthday Cake Remix


I used to get this with my roommates when I was in college.  You'd be mistaken if you thought that  meant that we would share one.  This desert is actually perfect for this list, because there are tiny pastel sprinkles in the cake batter ice cream (on top of the fudgy chocolate brownie), and nothing says Easter like pastel.

So there you have it, folks - my ultimate Easter dinner.   I’d probably round it out with some of Julie’s squash casserole (butter, brown sugar and pecans = the golden trifecta), and a generous helping of my mother-in-law’s baked mac and cheese, but barring a few changes to the roster, this is it. 

This would also make a great Earth Day dinner, I think.

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