Ten Ways to Make Your Week Awesome

  • The NBA playoffs.  I don’t know if you watch basketball, or if you even care, but trust me, it’s worth it for those 60 combined seconds of inspired play.   I can usually only stand to watch football on television, but last nights Celtics v. Knicks game was heart-thumping.  If you’re not really into the idea, I guess you could stab yourself with your kid’s epi-pen and watch the highlights instead.
  • Get your hands on some Marshmallow Peeps.  Yes, it’s the season.  Go buy a variety pack, and see what you can't do with them.  Check out the Washington Post's annual Peep Show
  • Download the FatBooth App.  Then use it on pictures of your sister from childhood.
  • Observe the state of current commercial advertising.  I have a deep love affair with the way that marketing firms are taking on today’s television audience.  Dairy Queen doesn’t just have rainbows; they have rainbows on fire.  They don’t just have bunnies; they have old fashion shaving bunnies.  Old Spice features a man rising out of beach sand, strumming a guitar that opens to reveal a “romantic puppy surprise”.  Genius?  I think so.  Welcome to my mind.

  • Dress for success.  By this I mean that you should, at least once this week, take a walk around outside in shorts and a t-shirt.  Or your bathing suit.  If I can do it with a foot of snow on the ground, and the possibility of my flip-flops slipping on the ice, you can do it wherever you are.  I want to win Mother Nature over on the idea of spring, and the best offense is a good offense, right?  So help me show her what she’s missing.  Are you with me?!
  • Plan an imaginary vacation.  This is what I’m going to do this week.  In my imaginary trip, we’re spending 10 days in St. Lucia to snorkel and sunbathe and eat bacon every hour, on the hour.  What’s your plan?
  • Host an adult Easter Egg hunt.  Now, I don’t mean that the eggs will contain something adult-oriented, which would produce an entirely different event.  What I do mean is that you should gather some friends and have an egg-hunting party that is physically, relationally, and emotionally challenging.  A small amount of eggs placed in outrageous locations is enough to make even the best of friends become violent adversaries. Eggs in trees?  Yes.  Down snake holes?  Uh huh.  Eggs filled with coffee gift cards or expensive stinky cheese?  Your friends and family will be like hyenas around a dead water buffalo. 
  • Grill out.  This is easy.  Get it done.
  • Start a garden.  This is for those of you who can.  Get to your favorite home and garden store, and get your green thumb on.  If I were you, I’d plant haricot vert, jalapeños, butter lettuce, snap peas, heirloom tomatoes, and mangoes.  And none of them would live past May.
  • Try something new.  Get out and go rollerblading.  Volunteer at the SPCA.  Have some Guinness ice cream.  Rent a Segway and drive it down Main Street.  Go to a yoga class.  Eat a different donut every morning (unless you do that already, then step it up to duck liver and brie).  Say hello to everyone you see when you’re out walking.   Go out walking. 

I hope this list gives you the drive it takes to make it through another week with a smile on your face.  Remember, we only have today, so rock what your mama gave you and make some memories with your week. If you actually do any of the above, please share your story with the rest of us.  Now, get busy making the next seven days awesome.  I’m rooting for you.


  1. If I bring my George Foreman grill outside, does this count as grilling out?

  2. Absolutely - you're grillin' baby!!


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