Swiper No Swiping

I want to apologize for my absence yesterday.  We were spending time with family, but at least your mind got a break from trying to follow my thoughts, right?  Back to the headache...





1.  It’s 48 degrees in the house


2.  There must be six inches of new snow on the ground. And the sky still has its winter wonderland on.

We are not at the cabin – we’re still 5 hours south – and up north, they are probably digging out of a foot or more.  They say that heaven is above and hell below, but I think there must have been some confusion this morning, because what is happening right now is definitely not nice.  Especially when we’re not using oil heat. 

I’ve built a fire though and am practically sitting on the woodstove as I write this, so I am beginning to be able to focus more clearly, which is to say, strap on your thinking caps because this is going to be another mind bending story hour with your friendly hookah smoking caterpillar.   

Where do I find those shoes?!

By the way, I love this movie, even the new one.  And no, I’ve never read the book.  

I'm so sorry.

On the plus side, I think I just found our costumes for next Halloween.  Everyone will be screaming, and parents will ensure that C is not allowed near children.  Ever again.


Except maybe his brother's.   We had one of our nieces “on loan” during the day of the funeral this week.  This only means that she rode with us for the three or so hours it took to get to there, and that she kept us entertained the entire way – we didn’t do any work all.  C and I have been striving for crazy aunt and uncle status, so our behavior is not always commendable when we’re around the kids.  I did my part by helping to get a chunk of my niece’s gorgeous golden hair stuck in the motorized wheel of her hamster Zhuzhu Pet.  Then, during our drive Uncle C picked a Wiggles station on Pandora that randomly included the pop tune “Soul Sister”.  I had never noticed any swear words in that song.  Until then.  Don’t worry though – we didn’t catch it in time to cover her chaste 4 year-old ears, so when she’s trash talking your kid on the playground next fall, you can come egg our house.  If you can find it.

During our drive, we also ate lunch at the Skylark Diner, which I highly recommend if you find yourself in Edison, New Jersey anytime soon.  Be forewarned though – this is NOT a diner.   It is a bistro that ate a diner.  So, it’s really a bistro.  You’ll love it.

Like I warned previously, this post is of caterpillar mind-bending caliber.  There is no train of thought today.  No flow.  No real story.  I apologize, and promise I will be back swinging next week.  But right now, my icy fingers are struggling with the keyboard, and my fleece pants are on fire.  

Please excuse me.


  1. Those Zhu Zhu pets are dangerous! ha ha ha!

  2. M! I could get you some of those shoes, easy! Turkey had them, Jordan had them, India has them... Just let me know size and color and they're yours!


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