Under Every Great Accomplishment Lies A Wasted Distraction

Here are a few photos to help you get through hump-day.  

Since a friend spotted this at an area surplus store, I'm assuming that there's a marketable crowd out there who really enjoys getting behind a boat, carving a great wake, and doing 360s in the sun.  

People who like to, you know, waterboard.  

If you spend your summer months waterboarding all day, every day, you're probably pretty tired at night.  When you're tired at night after that kind of activity, chances are you have some strange dreams.  When you have a strange dream after that kind of day, I bet it basically looks like this:

because I know that in all of my dreams, I'm the Pied Piper of cats, hiking through a kelp forest with slices of spiral ham strewn across the grass.  Oh, and it's not grass.  It's asphalt.  

And I'm wearing an army helmet.

Last, but not least, if you spend your days waterboarding until you're exhausted and your nights dreaming about leading a million-cat march through Gotham, chances are you'd be just the type to keep one of these out back for those humid evenings in August:

Good gravy.  Does anyone else feel awkward looking at this, or is it just me?

Because sometimes, when I think something's awkward, it really is just me.


Press on, friends.  Thursday is right around the bend.

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