Change Is Like Quarters And Dimes

It's been a little over a year now since C and I moved north.  As I look back, I can see that some of my personal behaviors have changed - a number of them significantly so.  Still, there are parts of life that have remained the same, which is a surprising fact on its own.  This whole experience has seemed a little like being born over again and having to figure things out from scratch.

In a good way.


  • I drive less... much less, but I haven't actually found that I walk more.  I just... don't... go... anywhere.
  • I've stopped shaving my legs so frequently.  When it's -20* and God has given you natural long underwear, you don't go around just lopping it off in the name of being en vogue.  We are so past vogue.  
We're so far past it that we're behind it again.
  • I drink (if it's possible) more coffee than before, but I don't pay $4.25 for it.  I fill up at the grocery store, right next to the Chester Fried Chicken case, for like, one whole dollar.
  • I have no idea if skinny jeans and Ray Bans are still trendy.  Are they?  Or can we finally move on to suspenders and Muck boots?
  • I cook more.  That is, unless it's summer, in which case I don't cook at all, which is glorious.
  • I am less driven into madness by Wal-Mart (less is still some, mind you).  One-stop shopping is kind of a big deal up here, even for newbies.
  • I can still buy local eggs.
  • I don't miss pop radio.   Would you?
  • I am still learning the difference between Sunday Lunch and Sunday Dinner... or is it Supper?


  • I've started wearing eye shadow.  This is a little ironic, considering 1) I work in my basement and mostly go out only to get the mail, and 2) I'll have to drive an hour and a half to buy more when I run out.  
Or, more likely, i'll just quit wearing eye shadow.
  • I don't lock my door.  I used to do that, back when there was a reason to lock your door... or someone to lock outside of it.  Now, I mostly want to lock people in.  Visitor-people.  This could be you.
  • Is that a squirrel in the freezer?  Oh, yes - yes it is.  


  • I have a bird feeder.  It's the middle of nowhere, in 0* weather, and I can't get any birds to eat at my bird feeder.  What are they thinking?
  • Instead of getting a real hair cut, this morning I just had C snip off "the mullet part" before I got in the shower.
  • I have cable [and a hipster somewhere falls down dead every time I turn it on].
  • I can purchase marrow bones, chicken livers and Snow Cap lard at the same place I buy my shoes.
  • I find myself racing out of the house, at 11PM, in only my pajamas, to catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights.
I know what you're wondering and no, I haven't seen them.  
Cold for nothing.
  • I have driven a front-end loader, albeit only for a minute or two, and I was mostly just holding the brake.  They can't take that away from me.
  • My friends enter raffles for MACHINE GUNS.  You know who you are.  

I still struggle to be on time for anything, and I continue to impress hosts of people with my uncanny ability to strangle the life out of stories, but of all the things that have changed or stayed the same over this year, I'm most grateful for my friends.  

The good.  The bad.  The ugly.  Especially the ugly; nothing makes you feel good like an ugly friend.

Just kidding.  You got me.

It's the special friends that make you feel good.


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