Wicked Wednesdays

I’ve you haven’t noticed, my Monday-Wednesday-Friday blog (that was once a MTWTF blog) has turned into more of a Monday-IHopeNoOneNotices-Friday blog.  It’s not that I don’t intend to offer you a midweek masterpiece, it’s just that I’m busy doing more important other things.

For example…

  • I saw 13 moose Wednesday on a drive home after dinner with friends an hour away.  13 is a record for me, so far anyway.  Even more exciting is the fact that we managed to miss all of them with the truck.
  • I rolled a kayak.  On purpose.  In the right direction.  More than once.
  • I’ve been watching Unwrapped.  I love Unwrapped.  I’m not sure if it’s because of how much I enjoyed the crayon factory episode of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood as a child, or how excited I am about eating.  I don’t mean this in a foodie kind of way, but rather in an “I’m glad humans developed a taste for pancakes and fondue instead of tree bark and centipedes” kind of way.  I mean, would you rather chew grass nine times?
  • I’m booking a vacation with my sister and mom.  When I asked my sister if I should talk to our mother about coming on the trip with us, she responded with, “Yeah, what’s the worst that could happen?”

 Mom is the best world traveler I know, and is nearly fearless when it comes to foreign environments, which is exactly the kind of cohort we’ll need with us on this adventure.   That, and the potential for hilarious and awkward conversations goes up by about 300%. 

When I was first searching out vacation/trip options, I was quickly faced with a unique challenge.  Google searching for “adventure junkie sister vacations” led to suggestions like:

-Zero-gravity flights in sub-space
-A personal shopper at Georgio Armani
-Surf/Yoga camp (the only tempting contender)
-Sledding on treadmills (this wasn't really a google result, but yes we've done this recently)
-Hiking in active volcanoes

If I had found a tropical island with unlimited snorkeling, yoga, guacamole, cliff jumping and costume parties, my search would have been complete.

Next year this is you and me, sis.

So next time I forget am too busy to post a mid-week blog entry, just remember that I’m off doing important things, like watching Marc Sommers narrate on frozen banana pops or flailing upside down in the river.  Don't worry that I won't come back - I'm out building a library of awkward stories to share with you on Friday.  

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