And It Was A Day That Lived On In Their Hearts And Minds

C and I are on the road today, traveling south for a work meeting plus some quality time with the family dentist, and something monumental just happened.

I looked up to see C pull off of the highway. He explained that he needed to stop and take a leak.


I can't remember the last time that C asked to use a bathroom. He never has to, because I need to pee the same way a mom of eight needs a moment of silence. One learns that you must take every available opportunity, because who knows when you will find yourself stuck on the George Washington Bridge in a van full of children with nary a public bathroom in sight. I once relieved myself in the JFK short-term parking lot, and ever since then I refuse to miss a potty stop (or wooded area).

So, I repeat, this is monumental. And I literally cannot remember the last time this happened. Probably, it never did.

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  1. Underrated side note: Notice that we're "headed south to the dentist". If you are wondering why we would travel so far for a simple dental checkup, see "coppah wiah" under yesterday's post.


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