Blow Out Them Candles, Girl

  • She shared her toys with me.
  • She and I wore matching outfits at each Christmas service, thanks to Grandma V.
  • She helped me build innumerable forts in the living room, with space for all of our animals (which was no easy task).
  • She wore stretchy pants with me during the 80's, and taught me how to tie a knot in the bottom of my oversized t-shirt, a la Saved By The Bell.
  • She traded candy with me at Easter and Halloween, so that she could have all the Sugar Daddies.
  • As a child she took my punishment 99.9% of the time (I don't know that I've ever adequately thanked you).
  • She chased me into a cedar tree, then threw acorns at me during the Harvest Party of 1996, accompanied by dozens of our classmates (I do still hate you a little for that). 
(A quick glimpse into how popular I was in middle school.)
  • She shared her high school experience with an annoying younger tag-along. 
  • She shared her college experience with an annoying younger tag-along.
  • She taught me how to study harder, work more diligently, and be more faithful to my friends (I think that I, in turn, taught her how to neglect her work and stay up late making cookies).
  • To this day, she is a refuge and confidant for those who are struggling or in pain; quick to listen and slow to speak.
  • She is a breathtaking example of service and dedication to work or peers.
  • She is strong, but humble.
  • She manages to out-do, out-give, out-think, out-laugh and out-smile anyone I know.  
And she does all this while being the most gorgeous woman alive.

The world needs more people like you, R.  But I only need one. 

Happy Birthday, big sister.  You make my world a better place.


  1. .... She knows how to properly navigate a plastic sled down a fast-moving treadmill deck...

  2. The man has a point. Some of us who are not C and R struggle with this:) Love you, M. Your blog post has been the sunshine in my cloudy day.

  3. Cloudy day?? We don't need no cloudy days!!


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