Five Ways to Make Your Week Awesome

I know it’s Tuesday, and that really all inspiring things should be said on Mondays.  My bad.  However, there are still 5 more days this week to make incredible, and just as many ways to do it, so let’s get started. 

  • Win something.  Darts, Monopoly, the lottery, your volleyball game, a chicken fight in the pool – I don’t care what it is - just win it.  If, like me, you aren’t super duper competitive, and you’re not sure that you can rise to the occasion, be sure to set your sights at a lower, more achievable level.  Play 1980’s edition trivial pursuit with a 6 year-old or challenge your chain-smoking uncle to a see who can hold their breath the longest.   You’re smart.  I know you’ll find a way.

  • Play with your food.  The other night, C and I were at Ruby Tuesdays, where I had the most incredible spaghetti squash marinara (I went out and promptly bought a squash for my own attempt – I’ll let you know how messy it gets).  They now give you these cheddar cheese biscuits when you arrive (Red Lobster envy?), and neither C nor I wanted them, so we made this instead. 

Our waiter, Patrick, took it away without cracking a smile.  
We had even turned it to look at him.  Lighten up, Patrick.  Life's too short.

  • Eat something new.  Go buy the spaghetti squash.  Try unagi at the sushi bar.  Cook with liquor (hopefully you do this already; do it again anyway).  Do you know that there is a brand of peanut butter that uses maple syrup in the place of refined sugar??  I found some on the floor of my sister's car, and it is incredible.  Unfortunately, grocery stores in the north (where ironically, much of our country’s maple syrup is produced) don’t carry this. Feel free to send me some. 

  • Get your hands on some of this sticky film, and go climb a building sideways.  So what if it’s only been tested on a four-pound robot - the concept is sound.

  • Have a movie night.  I recommend buying (or renting, if you must) a 3-D flat screen television, because 1) I loved Avatar, and 2) you get to wear cool glasses like these. 

Someone looks faaabulous!  (source)

They might be expensive, but consider it an investment in the future - this is the kind of thing that oozes big returns.  In five years, all of your friends will be jealous. Unless they're still laughing at you.

So, enjoy your Tuesday and your Wednesday.  Aaaannnd your Thursday (and so on).  I wish you luck as you challenge your friends, family, and complete strangers to contests of the wit or will, and as you attempt to play with and consume new foods.  I recommend that you preemptively dial emergency services before taking a crack at a sideways climb of the nearest building, and I also suggest that you sport your hot, new 3-D glasses during the expedition.  Now go out and conquer this week.  Show no mercy, and take no prisoners. 

Taking prisoners is on next week’s list.  No one likes an eager beaver.


  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qZ5DfWN3fWU

    the first one reminded me of this.

    And boo Patrick!

  2. I hope you meant that you found a *jar* of that PB on the floor of your sister's car...

  3. Thanks Olivia! Beata - Let your mind run wild.


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