Take Your Summer By The Horns: 5 Things Not To Miss

A recreational revelation.

Remember that hamster ball you/your kids had years ago?  Well, some engineer had the brilliant idea to take that plastic sphere and supersize it, and we all get to be the recipients of such genius.  Zorbing is generally performed on grassy hillsides, but I say take it to the water.  A great sign that this is going to be a good time:  Zorb balls come with or without harnesses (harness = guaranteed blast).  Best news?  The closest course is probably not far away.  

Play Bocce

Everyone can do this one.  I don’t care if you’re twenty-five or a hundred and five, you can toss a resin ball on a front yard.  However, if you’re feeling ambitious and you have three other players that share your fun-loving aggression, take your game to a new level: All-Terrain Bocce.  No limits, no boundaries, no whining.  Play a game in the woods, down the street, at the mall, or if you’re really feeling bold, in your mom’s garden. 

Lobster Ice CreamBen & Bill’s Chocolate Emporium, Bar Harbor, Maine

What are the two best foods of summer?  Seafood and ice cream.  What happens when you combine them?  I’ll tell you:  magic happens.  I’ve had it, and the next time I find myself in Bar Harbor, I’ll have it again.  This is butter-flavored ice cream with cooked, locally-caught Maine lobster chunks folded in.  Not a cheap ploy at lobster-themed dessert, this spoonful is the real deal. Don’t knock it ‘till you try it.

Garlic & Herb Festival:  Bennington, VT; September 3-4

I know that this falls right at the start of the school year for many families, but please, make an exception for an event of this magnitude.  Adult admission is five bucks, and kids under twelve are only a dollar, so this could be your answer to end-of-the-summer empty pockets (except for the massive amounts of garlicky treats that you’ll be carrying home in your soon-to-be-garlicky car).  You can test garlic bread braids slathered in garlic jams and jellies, sip on a garlic margarita, or even saturate your sweet tooth in garlic ice cream or garlic apple pie!!  If our summers weren’t so crazy and abusive, you would find me hiding out under a table at the garlic brownie tent with my fingers covered in chocolate. 

Whitewater Rafting: Kennebec River, Maine; right now – October 1:

Imagine riding a child’s pool toy down a raging river.  Now imagine doing it with your best friends and/or family.  While rafting is a little different, it’s potential for lifelong stories and embarrassing moments is just as strong.  You might think this is a shameless plug to get you to visit me, but this recommendation is dead serious.  If you want to thrill your family and friends with a wave-riding, adrenaline-pumping experience brought to you by an excellent group of river guides, this will fill your tank.  As will the bacon chicken wrap you’ll attack after paddling half the river.

This small list should begin to get your motor running. Summer only comes once a year, so make the most of your vacation days and your friends' gas mileage.  You know the phrase "I'll do anything once"?  Make it your motto as you take this summer out back and show it who's boss.  

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