Baby, It's Cold Outside

What is it about March?  And more specifically, March 8th?  I don't know about you, but it seemed like I had waaaaay too many friends celebrating birthdays yesterday.  What was going on nine months ago that was so exciting?

Or boring.

As I'm sure you were desperately hoping, we're going to talk about why the stars align and heaven gives us days like yesterday.  No, class, I promise not to pop in a life science video and make your eyes bleed. No one needs to repeat 5th grade health class.  Plus, you have YouTube now.  Watch that stuff on your own time.  

So, let's see... March... February... January... December... November... October... September... August... July.  Ahhh, July - our culprit.  Oh, those breezy summer nights, who can resist them?

Apparently, no one.

As usual, my logic is total garbage.  It's not actually March, but the "fall" months (July, August, September) that contain the highest number of births per day.  So, contrary to popular thought, these frigid winter nights aren't actually useless.  As for our family, my sister was a September child and I was born in August.  Naturally, this means that our parents had a thing for the holidays, but there is no way I'm going any further down that road.  Let's talk about you. 

Do you know what day you were born?  Not date, but day.  Could it have been the most popular birthing day of the week?  Not if it wasn't a Wednesday.  That's today.  Isn't there an appropriate nickname for this day of the week?  (YES.)  On the other side of the labor spectrum is Sunday.  I guess no one wants to miss church and football.  Or naps.  Or whatever it is you do with your Sundays.

Aside from the seasons, location also seems to play a significant role in birth rate.  Where did your parents live when you were born?  In our great land of opportunity, the state of Utah has been known to smother the rest of us in terms of pamper population.  And who rides the caboose of this baby train?



In the end, all that any of this means is that if you’re a labor and delivery nurse, and you’re considering relocating to Salt Lake City, you’d better think seriously about taking the month of August off.  It’s for your own good.  Even children don’t like children that much.

And don’t ask me where I get my data.  If you are really that consumed by the information contained in this blog, we should have a serious talk about making a deliberate shift in your priorities.  

As an unrelated side note, I just found out that Tiki Barber may be coming out of retirement.  If you know me, you might know that this constitutes a  


  1. To continue my string of blog comments, thank you for this, Michelle :) Soooo, apparently once I discussed this phenomenon with my students in English class. Good news: while they don't remember any of the English grammar or literature I taught them, they DO remember this discussion. Sa-weet.

    Your blog makes me miss you, for serious.

  2. Its Wednesday. I'm not saying... I'm just saying.

  3. Thanks Ames. I love thinking of you teaching an English class on this. C, Wednesday is the most popular day of birth. Birth.

  4. I try not to think about what was happening ~31 years and 9 months ago. Thanks for bringing that up :)

  5. Right, Youtube. I'll start in the life science section under 'all women have periods'. For those with the courage to look it up, make sure you thank our lovely blog host for the experience.

  6. Oh, Greg. You're clairvoyance strikes again. Stay tuned for Friday.

  7. Baha. Greg, she's right. Just wait.

  8. I was one of those who was birthed yesterday... But I try not to think about what my parents were up to 28 years ago... In fact I will play the little girl and stick my fingers in my ears and say "LALALALA" just so I don't have to hear that story :)

  9. My kids were born Sunday nights just before 2300. Kinda weird. On a totally unrelated subject where is the photo from?

  10. Hmm... well, Jill, your Sundays have always been different from the rest of us. The photo is from the lake at camp. You should visit - you'd love it!


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