I’ll be taking the weekend off because we are *gasp* moving into a new place.  Hopefully having access to a gas stove will prevent any more couscous Jetboil eruptions like the one I had last night.

While I’m dancing in the kitchen, you can use your time to catch up on Grey’s Anatomy.  See you Monday.


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Earlier this morning, as I was rummaging through Facebook, I saw a post that informed me that today is Cat Day 2011. 

WHAT??!!  How could I have missed this? 

It also suggested that we should all pull out our pale pink cat apparel and rock it hard for the sake of the holiday.  To my distress, I remembered that my shirt is still at our house down south, or else I would.  Don’t mock my merchandise.  It happens to be totally breathtaking, and when I purchased mine, I also purchased one for my dear sister and another for a good friend, who both happen to be dog people.  I’m also 98% sure that they both wear them.  These shirts are that cool.

Riddle me this: why in our country is it a character flaw to be a cat owner?  Do you realize that you can buy ‘”cat lady” figurines?  And that they look like a hoarder with a prescription drug problem?  Seriously, Google it - each one comes with like, 95 feral cats.  Is this all made worse if you like your feline?  Yes - you guessed it - I'm a cat owner, and yes, I adore mine.  She’s small, soft and permanently warm, and she and I coexist in a most-likely unhealthy, symbiotic relationship.  She is incredibly needy (as am I), she’s never bitten (my past is foggy), and we have similar I.Q. scores.  It’s a win-win scenario.

Now, I admit, I get weak sometimes and have jealous days.  There are afternoons when all I want to do is slide her into a little chocolate lab puppy suit and take her to the park, just so I can be part of the super-hip dog crowd (I love imagining her trying to frantically back herself out of a chocolate lab - immmpossible). Can you blame me?  What is it about dogs and dog-lovers that can demand so much more respect?  Are they all athletic?  Do they all hike?  Eat organic?  Swim and fetch?  Wear awesome little sweatshirts?  Of course.  What about cat people? Are we all women?  Do we crochet?  Drink tea?  Wear slippers?  Talk to ourselves?  I know it’s not just me. 

Well, I hate to tell you, but I’ve seen some pretty sad examples of both animal species and their owners.  Dogs who have doggie-steps to reach jeweled pedestal beds.  Cats too fat to climb their fabric jungles.   Pets and owners with matching jackets.  Do you know that you can join CatBook?  And DogBook?  But there's no HumanBook?!  What's the deal?

Can’t you see?  We’re all idiots.  The playing field is completely level. Let’s wage a campaign of love on this insane animal war.  Are you with me? 

Oh, you have a ferret?  Tough luck.  That’s just weird.


  1. Hold the phones. Are you saying I'm weird? FTR, I didn't want the monkmonster.

  2. But what happens if I'm all caught up on Grey's Anatomy? Also, I don't think you qualify as a cat lady until you become the 2:1 minority. So, for you and C, it would be like 4 cats, and then you are definitely in cat lady territory. And, yes, C is exempt. Have YOU ever heard of a cat man? Thought not.

  3. Our cat doesn't even come out of hiding unless M is around anyway, so its clearly not my cat.

  4. Renee - I absolutely am. We've had this conversation before.
    Jessa - I already feel like the minority. I'd probably just start eating out of a dish and licking myself.


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