Cabin Feva'

Before you get any further, I want to tell you the source of my latest joy:







Ironically, the oven door is so hard to open that it might as well be nailed shut.  I am going to have to start lifting weights in preparation for my inaugural roast.  But that won't stop me.

Yes, C and I have moved!  We arrived at our new residence in the middle of last night’s snow-pocalypse, which only made this morning that much sweeter.  When there’s a foot and a half of snow outside, and you’re warm by the fire and have the freedom to cook scrambled eggs and apple pancakes, it constitutes a major victory.  We didn’t actually eat any eggs or pancakes this morning, because all we have is milk and cheerios, but today the taste of victory is creamy, excellent, and heart-healthy.

Another benefit to this move is the arrival of our cat, Kiwi.  If her name doesn't seem to fit, just remember that she’s black with green eyes.  Ahhhh yes, that made it completely clear.  Now, while I'm totally psyched that she’s here with us, Kiwi is not always the best road-warrior, which makes getting her to and from places of residence a complete Friday-the-13th, zombies-in-your-bathroom nightmare.  Seriously.  Think of riding in your car with an unleashed howler monkey, and you’ll get the idea.  Sometimes I make the 6-hour drive alone, but luckily C drove the whole trip up so that I could handle the pig wrestling.  She wasn’t the worst she’s ever been, but, like a dog, she always wants to see what’s going on.  Being 6 inches tall really impairs one’s ability to view the scenery well, and Kiwi’s way of achieving her dream is to try to scramble her way on to the dashboard and cram her keister into the defrost air stream.  This only leads to gasping and tears for those of us riding with her. 

In the end, we made it north and none of us died, which is sadly a real victory for this kind of trip.  I have a gas range and C has a woodstove again.  And Kiwi has been busy balancing her muffin-top on the four inch support beams, so we're all happy.

It's a day of sweet, sweet victory.

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  1. Celebratory cereal is the best kind! Raise your cheerios, Bonorows (hehe)!

    Your blog makes me miss you more... this is a problem. Solution: next time, you're traveling the world with me. Deal? Deal.


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