City Slickers

C and I are on the road this week, traveling to visit family in the area of the east coast that surrounds New York City.  We are going to attend a funeral for C’s grandma, and while this is a sad event indeed, it is always interesting to see too, what kind of family communion and deep connection can take place during life events like this.  So on we go. 

As we drive near NYC, it gets me considering the vast differences between my world in the north and the one that exists in metro-America.  There are  some similarities as well, namely the possibility of living much of life within a square mile, and the quantity of hot dogs sold daily. 

But the differences, they are vast and wide, and joyously entertaining. 

Way Up Noth
Underground Gaming
Texas Hold ‘Em
Pass the Pigs (I’ve got a leaning jowler over here!!)
Fall Apparel
Leather boots and sweater dresses
Snowpants and Muck boots
Spring Apparel
Bright colored ties and dresses; open-toed shoes
Snowpants and Muck boots
Horses, squirrels, rats
Moose, squirrels, cats
Pan-seared Chilean sea bass with leeks and truffle broth
Date Night
Fine dining and a show
Making the drive to the Black Frog (please read the menu)
Vehicle Safety
Locked doors; car alarm; possibly the Boot
Unlocked doors; keys in; engine running (Leave it running, or it will die. Remember, it’s -20* outside.)
Illegal Activity
Drug running
Drug running (Canada’s our neighbor, eh)

Well, we’re more similar than I thought, which is still not very.  Being this close to the city makes me long a little bit for some Thai food and a musical, but simultaneously it reminds me of our piney mountains and stunning sunsets, and the fact that skyscrapers, though incredible, are no competition for a mighty river.  So, New York, you can keep your truffle broth and your open-toed shoes this spring.  I’ll be busy taking on mud-season with hip boots and a snorkel.


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